caesars flame

Residential boilers


Residential boilers are Caesar’s Flame signature product. Combining 3-in-1 (fireplace, stove, and water heater), they are the perfect solution for heating your home or business – Click below for more details

Residential heaters

Caesar’s Flame residential heaters come in different sizes to warm up your homes and businesses – Click below for more details

Commercial boiler and heater

Caesar’s Flame provides commercial boilers and heaters which can be used to warm up schools, hospitals,  community centers, as well as commercial furnaces – Click below for more details

Steel panel radiators

Caesar’s Flame steel panel radiators provide higher efficiency at a lower cost – Click below for more details



Caesar’s Flame eco fans use thermo-electric energy from boilers, heaters, and stove to operate. They do not need any separate source of energy – Click below for more details

Biomass fuel

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Caesar’s Flame is a manufacturer of wood pellets and supplier of multiple types of biomass fuel (e.g. Olive husk, pine cone shells, olive pits, etc.) – Click below for more details